All The Tools You Need to Fulfill Your Destiny Are Available to You!

That’s right! Everything you need to achieve your full potential is available to you. The Universe knows what you need and has placed it around you for you to find it and use it in order that your life is fulfilled. All you need is the motivation to go after your dreams! For related advertisement, if you need rehabilitation and detoxification help, addicted minds can help.

Surrender yourself completely to the universe.

Just do it. I’ll tell you why later. Believe me you’ll thank me afterwards. Don’t fight the trends and don’t push against negative energy. Just let if flow through you or better yet past you and around you.

Everyone has different opinions about just about everything so believe in what you believe in and let others believe in what they believe in. ( Even though you know that they are wrong. ) It’s hard to do but just do it.

They have their path and you have yours. You can’t really help them much on their path but you can definitely help yourself by remaining positive and keeping your energy high and within yourself. Don’t waste your energy by arguing with someone who is clearly lost.

Be true to yourself and everything will fall into place.

I have been having many epiphanies lately. I seem to have discovered a way to get deep into my subconscious to a state between sleep and wakefulness where tonnes of thoughts come pouring in. These are not random thoughts nor are they thoughts I have to create consciously. They are truly coming from another place.Who knows where from? The Universe? The Ether? Not really sure where but I know for sure I’ve tapped into something awesome. Not only that but I’ve done it without the use of mind altering drugs however the results are almost identical.

Tapping into the wisdom of the universe without drugs. Sweet.

Does Food Affect Our Spiritual Energy?

You Bet Your Ass It Can!

Think about how you feel after eating a huge meal. You feel tired and lethargic. That’s because you simply ate too much!

Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins you know. And there’s a very good reason for that. It’s simply not healthy for the body and not healthy for a positive spirit, that’s why is important to have a healthy diet, since there are many options you can find at sites like


Well I’m not too sure that the above Proverb is correct as I do know plenty of fat rich people. So maybe it has a different meaning.

I can say however that I know of NO fat healthy people. They are not healthy at all. And honestly I can say that being healthy is worth more then all the riches of the world!

Remain Positive

In life we can choose how we think about things that happen to us.

If a good thing happens to us then we usually are very happy and are very positive. But if a bad thing happens it can bring us down and set us off to being in a negative space and that’s not good.

Even if the event were truly bad, which many are, that doesn’t mean we have to let it bring down our energy. No. It does not. We can remain open to the possibility that this change may be for the better. No matter how bad it may seem at fist.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t go through all the emotions connected to that negative event. Feeling those emotions and letting them all come out is a very good thing as is very healthy. We have no control over our emotions. They need to be released no matter how intense they are. Let them out. Express them. And when all the emotional energy from that event are gone we can move on to looking forward to a positive place.

Yes that’s right! Don’t be afraid to express your emotions. They are part of being human and they are not meant to be held in. Holding emotions inside is very unhealthy. Release them. Then afterwards reflect on the things that are negative in your life and try to see how they could turn out to be positives.

It may be hard to see how something bad could be good, but even if you can’t see how it could turn out to be positive. Just believe in the fact that everything will work out fine in the end.

We really have very little control over what happens to us in this life and we have no control over how our emotions will react to these events. However, we do have some control over out thoughts and actions. We can consciously choose to look at things as positive and healthy no matter what they are. It is just a matter of being aware of what our thoughts are and then making a conscious effort to keep them as positive as possible.

But remember you must release all the energy associated with these events BEFORE you can work on giving them a positive feeling. Else the energy from the events will circumvent your attempts to turn those feelings back into a positive energy.


The Energy Predators.

Oh they’re out there alrighty! They’ll come for you when you’re happy and they’ll come for you when you’re down. They don’t care. All they want is to zap your energy.

Watch for them and do NOT give them your energy!

They will aproach you with that mischievous smirk. We all know it well…

They will look you in the eyes and look for weakness. For an entrance into your head where they can begin their energy draining.

Don’t argue with them. Don’t even give them the time of day.

Don’t give them a single ounce of your energy.

Walk away or better yet RUN away!

In fact run away laughing. That will take away some of their energy as they HATE happy people!

Their only goal is to bring you down!