Remain Positive

In life we can choose how we think about things that happen to us.

If a good thing happens to us then we usually are very happy and are very positive. But if a bad thing happens it can bring us down and set us off to being in a negative space and that’s not good.

Even if the event were truly bad, which many are, that doesn’t mean we have to let it bring down our energy. No. It does not. We can remain open to the possibility that this change may be for the better. No matter how bad it may seem at fist, or we could look for a solution ourselves, as if for example we get an unpleasant disease as herpes we could use a protocol to treat Herpes for solve this issue, and everything else successively.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t go through all the emotions connected to that negative event. Feeling those emotions and letting them all come out is a very good thing as is very healthy. We have no control over our emotions. They need to be released no matter how intense they are. Let them out. Express them. And when all the emotional energy from that event are gone we can move on to looking forward to a positive place.

Yes that’s right! Don’t be afraid to express your emotions. They are part of being human and they are not meant to be held in. Holding emotions inside is very unhealthy. Release them. Then afterwards reflect on the things that are negative in your life and try to see how they could turn out to be positives.

It may be hard to see how something bad could be good, but even if you can’t see how it could turn out to be positive. Just believe in the fact that everything will work out fine in the end.

We really have very little control over what happens to us in this life and we have no control over how our emotions will react to these events. However, we do have some control over out thoughts and actions. We can consciously choose to look at things as positive and healthy no matter what they are. It is just a matter of being aware of what our thoughts are and then making a conscious effort to keep them as positive as possible.



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