See the positive in Everything.

See The Positive In Everything!

Yes I know that’s not easy to do but hey why not see everything as positive.

I’ll give you an example.

Today as I was pulling out of my parking spot the cable to my block heater was still plugged in and so WHAM! There goes the end of my block heater cable. It was RIPPED right off!

Well since it is 40 Below here now and will be for quite some time it will be I had to fix it tonight or quite possibly I wouldn’t get my truck started when I need it.Výsledek obrázku pro positivism

So I fixed it. Everything was frozen SOLID. Wires wouldn’t bend, hell I could barely strip them. Rubber was tough as, well it was solid like a very hard plastic. Not fun working in 40 below without gloves.

So my fingers are burning with pain and I can barely type but I wanted to share this before the emotion of the moment disappeared.

As I looked around for parts that I needed to fix it I was able to find what I needed to get it back working. That was a very big plus!

I also was able to get it done in a fairly quite time. Another plus.

And after it was all put together I tested it and everything works!

Now to see all this in a positive light. I looked at the old plug and it was corroded and probably not going to last much longer so it needed to be changed.
So that’s it. That’s my story. A plug that got torn off my truck in the middle of winter was fixed without too much trouble and pain and everything’s working again.

It’s all positive, with my change of mind set I feel so much better and happier, Im even trying the new healthy king cbd which give me a relaxed mind with a healthy body, instead of taking any anti depressant medicines or painkillers,l with this I can keep away my stress, anxiety and body pain, I feel better and relaxed.

And for those of you who are thinking why didn’t I check to see if it was plugged in BEFORE I drove away. Well I did! But it was so cold the extension cord was frozen up and so it looked like it was unplugged in the dark.

So next time I will check much closer then from the truck.

Oh well live and learn.

Also, I have noticed that the older I get the more I forget to unplug it. Heck the older I get the more I forget a lot of things.

Not sure how I’ll see that in a positive way but hopefully I will be able to before I forget that I was going to…..

I am the cause of all my fear!

I am the cause of all my fear!
Yes, I just had an epiphany!

I was thinking about all the things I am fearful of and I asked myself “why?”. And it occurred to me that all my fear comes from my own beliefs and internal thoughts. In reality most of them are not even real and with sites like webdesign499, I have built a website documenting this. How is it that they have become real fears? I guess over time thoughts and ideas can manifest as fear if you think of things in a fearful way. Those thoughts will eventually take over you mind and you will become fearful of even the most non fearful things. Like going outside or going over bridges. Heck it could be anything and those fear can grow within you. But here’s the good part. Those fears can be reversed as it was you who put them there. Just basically you need to reprogram yourself not to think of things in a fearful way, and I registered all this in my website while I promoted with marketing strategies from the The Indexer services. It will take sometime but remember this.

It’s all in your own mind!